Article 1 Regulations on members

Articles provided here are rules that have to be observed by members, who have gone through the procedure mentioned in Article 3, after they completed the registration process and registered in order to access, obtain and use information through the web site; hereinafter referred to as Services, offered by KYOCERA Corporation; hereinafter referred to as KC.

Article 2 Changes in Terms and Service

  1. KC have a right to change Terms and Service by notifying members in such a way that is regarded as appropriate by KC without member’s approval. The change will come into force when it is announced and implemented on our website by us.
  2. As for conditions in using Services by any member, the changed Terms and Service will take precedence.

Article 3 Member

Only a person who agreed with what mentioned here, registered through designated procedures shown on the registration site offered by KC and whose membership is approved by KC becomes a member.

Article 4 Registration procedures

For registration, read through notes and cautions for data entry and fill in all necessary items properly. Your registration may be rejected if you provide any information that is untrue or incomplete or that could bring any disbenefit to KC or when the registration is made by an individual person who does not belong to any legal entity.

Article 5 Notification of change

A member shall notify in an orderly manner immediately in case of any changes in entered information.

Article 6 Restraint on alienation

As for rights that are owned by a member, the member shall be placed under a ban from transferring, lending, selling or buying, changing of name, establishing the right of pledge or using it as security of anything else.

Article 7 ID and password

  1. An ID and a password that are required to use Services will be assigned by KC at the registration.
  2. Each member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the ID and password, and KC is totally irresponsible for any damages arising out of ID and/or password transferred or lent to any third party and used fraudulently by the third party. A member will indemnify KC from any loss or damages that are attributable to use of his/her ID and/or password (Misusing by a third party is included).
  3. When a member is aware of any unauthorized use of the ID and/or password, the member shall notify KC immediately.

Article 8 Offered Services

KC may modify, add or terminate our Services from time to time, for any reason, and without prior notice.

Article 9 Cancellation of membership

If a member is relevant to any of the following, KC have a right to cancel his/her membership without prior notice to the member. And KC is totally irresponsible when the member or any other third party suffer losses or damages caused by the cancellation.

  1. Conducting any of prohibited matters described in Article 10
  2. False statement in registration data and/or notifications
  3. Impossible for KED to make contact with a member through E-mail or any other means
  4. Infringing on what mentioned in this Terms and Service
  5. KC determined that the member is inappropriate for the membership.
  6. Notifing of the resignation

Article 10 Prohibited matters with the membership

A member do not conduct the following by using of our Services.

  1. Applying Services for commercial or business purpose
  2. Giving disbenefit or inconvenience to any third party
  3. Hampering Services
  4. Providing information attributed to Services to an extraneous third party without obtaining prior approval from KC

Article 11 Disclaimer

Member’s use of the Service is at member’s sole risk. Services are provided by KC and our affiliates with the utmost care and attention. KC and our affiliates disclaim all responsibilities, whether express or implied, for perfectibility, accuracy, applicability or usability of any information provided in Services.
Products introduced in our website may be improved, corrected or modified by KC without prior notice. Members shall contact with sales representatives of KC or affiliate companies to obtain accurate information.

Article 12 Dealing with the personal information

Personal information of a member, hereinafter referred to as “personal information”, is appropriately and strictly dealt with by KC based on “PRIVACY POLICY” on our website. The personal information given by members are used only for administration of Services, providing information of KC or our products, identification and the following not for anything else.

  1. Collecting and analyzing personal information statistically, making the statistical data that is processed into the form in which it is impossible to identify individuals, and disclosing it to a third party.
  2. When the data is required to be used to protect critical benefit of members or general public such as life, health, asset and so on.
  3. When it is required to disclose data by an order from a court, police, prosecution, governmental agency, bar association and etc. based on their legal right.
  4. When KC reasonably make decision on disclosing data to support investigations of police, prosecution and so on.
  5. When KC reasonably make decision on using data to maintain Services.

Article 13 Governing law

Laws of Japan shall be applied to establishment, effectiveness, execution and construal of these Terms of Services.

Article 14 Settlement of a dispute

If a conflict breaks out between a member and KC or KC’s affiliate company, the member and KC or the affiliate company will negotiate in good faith to settle it. If negotiation does not reach a solution, a local court having jurisdiction over KC or the affiliate company shall be the competent court.

Byelaw This Terms of Services has been put in force on August 22 in 2006.